About Paint by Magoo

Welcome to Paint By Magoo! This is the website for a short-sighted airbrush wielding RC racing enthusiast, and a one stop shop for all your custom bodyshell painting needs.

Paint by Magoo is run by John Clarke, a long time model maker and RC racing enthusiast. I've been working with airbrushes for the last 25 years, and designing and spraying bodyshells for RC cars for the last 6 years. I work with only the best tools for the job, including
  • RCS Liquid Mask (the best bar none!)
  • Xacto blades and handles
  • Createx paints
  • RCS Candies and Chrome
  • Iwata airbrushes
Using these tools, plus a good dollop of time (and maybe some skill) Paint by Magoo can create an eye-catching and unique work of art for your RC ride, whether a racer, basher or shelf-queen.

Prices are based on specific jobs, but the following is a rough guide
  • 1/10th buggy - form £30
  • 1/10th stadium truck, 1/8th buggy, 1/10th touring - from £35
  • 1/8th truggy/1/8th on-road - from £40
  • 1/10th S/C - from £45 
Prices include design work, spraying plus backing of typically a three-four colour shell with pin-striping  window outlines and some shading. More complex designs will obviously cost more, as will the use of large amounts of 'specialty' colours such as chrome, holo-effect paints and candies.

To see more of Paint by Magoo's work please check out the posts on this blog, visit the Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/PaintByMagoo) or my thread on Oople (http://oople.com/forums/showthread.php?t=95164). If you want to talk to us about a paint job, please use the email link on the right, or else send a PM on Oople or a Facebook message. We're well connected to the web and will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your needs, and what we can offer. Before taking on any job we'll provide a quote, and an estimated delivery date - we pride ourselves on good communication, so we'll keep you up to date all the way through the creative process so you always know what's happening and when you can expect to receive your shell. Typically it takes two weeks to complete a shell from receipt, but during busy spells (i.e. the start of the summer season) it may take a little longer.

Please do let us know if you need a 'rush job' for a special event, we can't always accommodate them but we will where we can. The quickest turn around we've ever managed is 24 hours from delivery to completed shell - although obviously we do prefer to take our time!