Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Favorite shells of 2012

So here we are, New Years 2013... time to look back on the year that was 2013 at PbM and look at some of the shells that have left the booth over the last 12 months.

This year it's been all about the 10th off-road shells, and in particular a number for the guys running a TORCH (www.torchracing.co.uk). I've been running electric exclusively this year, and so probably not surprisingly that accounts for most of my output.

Here are a few of my favorites from the year.

First up, my new scheme for 2013. I wanted something simple, clean and bright (the eyesight isn't all it once was!), so this was what I came up with and will be running on the Kyosho 4wd and Schumacher 2wd next season. With the fluorescent red and chrome it certainly pops, even on the dullest of winter days.


One of the cars of the season has to be the Rudebits DB1 shaft driven 2wd. This conversion kit that fuses 2wd front-end with 4wd rear-end has been an absolute revelation, and I've been lucky enough to spray a couple of the distinctive cab-forward shells. Blue, yellow and white seems a pretty common theme, in at least one case as a tribute to Leeds United, who I'm told are a football team...

Finally, probably my favorite scheme, on one of my least favorite shells (sorry Team Extreme and Vega drivers everywhere!). Here's my take on Mikey Scott's paint scheme, sadly I think he sold the car before ever running the shell...

There have been a bunch more through the year, sadly I just wasn't organised enough to photograph them all before shipping them out!

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