Friday, 4 January 2013


Here's an interesting step by step photo strip of a shell I've just completed for local racer Brian Burgess, starting from liquid mask and photographed at each stage until it's done. At the point of the first photo the design work was done, and all of the cuts had been made.

Weeded out the black areas, and sprayed a couple of coats
Next the blue areas get weeded out ready for paint
A darker blue drop shadow, followed by fluorescent blue, backed with white
A mix of flo red and orange for a drop shadow
Now the main orange goes dowm
The white areas are weeded, and the whole body is shot white
It's not a Paint by Magoo shell if there's no smiley!
 At this point the outer protective film comes off, along with all the design work. Suddenly all the lines are crisp, the colours pop and if soooo shiny!

If you want some Paint by Magoo, just give me a yell...!

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